School Meals

BCA School Meals

Belmont Castle Academy is a healthy school. The curriculum enables us to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We promote health awareness in all members of the school community. Adults across the school provide a valuable role model to pupils with regard to food and healthy eating habits.

At lunch time the children look forward to our varied, interesting and healthy lunch options. Menus are displayed on this website and are updated every six months giving a summer and winter menu. These are on a three week rota.

Every day there is on offer a choice of meat and vegetarian options, both accompanied by fresh vegetables, salad and a dessert option of the day or a choice of low fat yogurt, cheese & biscuits or fruit pots. Food is prepared on site and a wide range of food is served to encourage a balanced diet.

We source our meat from a local butcher ensuring high quality, low fat products are used in all our meat dishes

At Belmont Castle Academy:

  • We use fresh fruit, salad and vegetables daily
  • We encourage children to make healthy choices
  • We actively encourage children to try new dishes to help develop their experience of new foods
  • We encourage staff and visitors to enjoy lunch with our pupils


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