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I am extremely proud to be the Head-teacher of Belmont Castle Academy, a school which has achieved a great deal of success in recent years. Not only do we have an excellent track record when it comes to academic progress, we have also gained an enviable reputation when it comes to sporting achievement.
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  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 25
    Great to have Zohab with us today 🤗 https://t.co/6wQ9FTpeIy
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 24
    Good morning parents and carers just to let you know that Ofsted will be doing a remote visit today via MS Teams. They have stressed that it’s not an inspection but a fact finding exercise, seeing how schools are coping with the pandemic and what measures are in place.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock RetweetedThe2Johns @JohnsThe2, Nov 22
    We are horrified by the new game #Cunchlinechronicles This game is shocking as it glamourises Gangs, Drugs and #ChildExploitation Please make sure your children go no where near this 😥https://t.co/6KKNwzlahJ
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 19
    Just wanted to share the fabulous news that thanks to you we have raised an impressive £556.05 for this year’s Children in Need appeal. Thank you to everyone who made a donation 👏🏻 https://t.co/0j6pzf0isC
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock RetweetedBBC Children in Need @BBCCiN, Nov 15
    This year has been a challenging one for so many, so we are extremely humbled by your generosity. £37,032,789 is a truly incredible amount of money. Together, we can and we will change the lives of children and young people all over the UK #ChildrenInNeed https://t.co/QrVk5nwugP
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 14
    Happy Diwali to all our children and parents who are celebrating the Festival of Lights today. https://t.co/9AIe1aDta9
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock RetweetedPublic Health England @PHE_uk, Nov 13
    This year, all primary school and Year 7 children will be offered a free nasal spray #flu vaccine. Consultant Epidemiologist Vanessa Saliba explains why it's really important for your child to get protected against flu. Find out more: https://t.co/pr0UMQaiSf https://t.co/4ESZfpmePJ
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 12
    Afternoon parents, Next week is anti-bullying week and Monday ( 16th) is Odd Socks Day. Please find the link below to this year's official song. It’s pretty catchy the children will love it! https://t.co/ONjbhOmARw https://t.co/rpqt87j7Dt
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 12
    Please see the November newsletter below 😀 https://t.co/oBBrW5SPQI
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 11
    Thank you for your poppy donations. So far we have managed to raise £178 👍 https://t.co/w4mMrklO7d
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 10
    Below is a lovely thank you letter we have just received from the Thurrock Foodbank. https://t.co/NGfmaj46gk
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 8
    Good evening parents we are looking forward to seeing the children tomorrow. Please can I politely remind you that masks or visors must be worn when on school premises unless you are exempt from doing so. And please maintain social distances 🧐
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 7
    The BBC now reports Thurrock has 3rd highest Covid cases in Essex and 19 deaths in the last week. Please take it seriously and follow all precautions.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Nov 6
    Good afternoon parents hope you and your children are all well and coping alright with the new national restrictions which are in place. Today you will receive a letter from me via email to explain a few changes we have made as a consequence of the new lockdown.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 20
    @Joebroadway85 I am glad she is enjoying the Home Learning.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 20
    @FizzaJanjua Thank you for taking the time to let us know how well the Home Learning is going.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 19
    I hear that some great Home Learning took place today with our Year 6 children. Well done to our year 6 team who did a great job and to the children who engaged really well with this new way of learning 👍
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 18
    Afternoon parents please note that school is open as usual tomorrow other than the year group who have been told they need to self isolate. We are continuing to follow the advice from Public Health England and if there any changes we will let you know.
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock RetweetedThurrock foodbank @ThurrockFood, Oct 18
    Last week our drivers picked up a 131.1kg Harvest Festival Collection from ⁦@BCA_Thurrock⁩. We are truly humbled and never cease to be amazed by the willingness of Thurrock residents to help us, help those in crisis in our community. #thurrockfoodbank #harvest2020 https://t.co/qznftb6RCn
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 13
    Thank you parents it was great to see the vast majority of you wearing face masks at the end of the school day.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 13
    @SilkSteven Today was especially bad because of the rain. We did open the main gates to ease things. We will look at this again tomorrow.
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 13
    Please help do your bit by wearing a face mask when on school premises. https://t.co/pDPaVzc1Q3
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock RetweetedSky News @SkyNews, Oct 13
    Coronavirus: UK cases rise again as 81 more deaths reported https://t.co/a0xcaQtRE8
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 13
    Dear parents due to concerns raised by both parents and staff about the lack of social distancing at drop off and pick up times, I am now requesting that all parents on the school premises need to wear a face mask. Thank you for your continued support.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 9
    Congratulations to our new Head Girl and Head boy and their deputies: Alicia, Eugene, Kamil and Ethan. I need to make a mention of the others who also applied for the positions: Francesca, Emmanuella, Roman and Lucy. Me and Ms Murthen were proud of all of them 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 3
    A message for our Reception parents. I’m going to suggest that you can pick up your child between 2.30 and 2.45pm from Monday onwards. This is to help parents who have children in other year groups.
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Oct 1
    Dear parents and carers please see below a copy of my October newsletter. https://t.co/NxhzGMGR6s
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 27
    Good afternoon parents thank you for your continued support especially at drop off and pick up times. Please can I urge you as an added precaution to consider wearing a face mask when on the school premises particularly as the number of infections is still rising! https://t.co/ZuLpz3PUJa
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 23
    Information for parents of Year 6 children. Shortly you will receive a flyer explaining how to apply for a secondary school place in September 2021. Thurrock recommend parents applying online https://t.co/shFlr4wzp8. The deadline for applications is 31st of October.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 23
    Message for Reception parents and a little clarification regarding the 2.30pm pick up. This will only be a temporary arrangement. I am hopeful that if things run smoothly the following week we can push it back to 2.45pm.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 22
    Dear Reception parents I hope you found the pick up today a lot smoother. The vast majority of children, over 90% had all been collected within two minutes. Thank you parents for working with us. From tomorrow drop off will be done in the new Reception playground 🙂
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 15
    Dear parents below is a useful flow chart to do with COVID symptoms. https://t.co/6f2wdwl1Dz
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 14
    Please see below my September newsletter parents. https://t.co/YoxWIFq3yY
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 14
    Good afternoon parents just to remind you that we will have all lost property out on display on the LOWER PLAYGROUND. The items of clothing will be separated into year groups so that we can help maintain social distancing.
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    Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 10
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 8
    @paul__bk Good to hear thanks for letting us know
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 8
    @paul__bk We have introduced some changes from tomorrow morning which should ease problems at the main Gate.
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 7
    A really great first day with very smiley children who seemed to have settled really well into their new classes. Also delighted that attendance was 96%. We will be making some changes to the end of day arrangements. For further info please see the email sent out earlier today 🧐
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Sep 6
    Good evening parents really looking forward to seeing the children in years 1 to 6 return tomorrow. There will be lots of us on the playground to help and guide you if needed. Please remember we are operating a one way system. Years 4,5 and 6 - 8.30am Years 1,2 and 3 - 8.45am
  • Belmont Castle Academy @bca_thurrock, Aug 29
    A very useful leaflet which has been produced by Public Health England. https://t.co/i6vIrWyJL7