Art Lessons

Dear parents

Please find below some watercolour painting activities for you to do with your children.

The activities are designed to be completed with or without an adult. 

Art Materials file (this is a basic introduction your child will need to read first)

Sea & Beach (for years 1 & 2)

Well & Pump (for years 3 & 4)

Bird with Bamboo (for years 5 & 6)

As promised, here are some more for you to try.

Fun with Patterns and Shapes (for years 1 & 2)

Moon Over the Water (for years 3 & 4)

Iris Flowers (for years 5 &6)

1st June, more paintings for your to try

Learn to draw boats on the water (years 1 & 2)  

Earth from space (years 3 & 4)

Bavarian House (years 5 & 6)

Alexander Fivesteps from space (Keystage 2) A story to accompany your picture “Earth from Space”

Every best wish to you all,

Mr Templeton